Productivity Thursday, Email Extensions

Hello, today is Productivity Thursday again, and we would like to share a quick tip to help make handling your email inbox an easy task! If you use Google Chrome as your primary browser, then you already know how helpful extensions are. If you happen to use Gmail, then downloading the Gmail Sender Icons extension […]

Does Your Business Rank in Google Searches?

If you own a business and your information does not show up on the first search results page, then ask yourself why that is. Chances are, your website was not made with SEO in mind, or it is very old and needs a redesign to perform better according to the ever-changing algorithms Google uses to […]

Video Marketing Takes Center Stage

We’ve all seen video ads on YouTube, and most of us skip them after the five-second time limit. We’ve also all seen the thirty-second video ads that cannot be skipped, and for the most part, patiently wait until it’s over. The unskippable thirty-second ad spot was traditionally targeted toward companies that had large marketing budgets […]

3 Productivity Tips from Past Presidents

There are few people more qualified to teach lessons on productivity than former presidents of the United States. Because today is Productivity Tuesday, we are sharing our top three tips from the men who once held the highest office. Organize Your Day the Night BeforeAt the end of every day, the first thing we want […]

Why You Need To Measure Data

As a business owner, you know that profitable engagements with customers are the key to your success and growth. But what if you don’t know exactly how profitable a sale was? It starts with the website. You need to track customers from the time they visit your site to the time they make a purchase. […]

Making Videos Can Make You Money

Selling products and services to unconverted customers is already a daunting task, but one medium that helps turn prospects into paying clients is the video. Even a single video on a website that explains the goods or services you are selling is enough to make a noticeable and positive impact on sales. According to a […]

3 Secret Tips for Growing Your Business

You probably know every “secret” method on how to expand your business, but we guarantee you haven’t heard these three. 1. Analyze your competitionFew people can create a niche in the market, and once it’s created, then others quickly fill it. Your business will always have competition, and you must do more than understand this […]

The Smartphone is Already on its Way Out

We’ve seen powerful computing technology packed into compact devices like phones and watches, but soon physical gadgets may be relics of the past. Projection Engineering is preparing to take over the digital market in a few years time. As seen at CES 2017, the Sony Xperia Projector is making the future look more like the […]

Why Your Business Needs a Strong Social Media Presence

If you are using the cold calling approach for new client prospecting, then you are restraining your business from achieving maximizing efficiency and sales. As technology changes, business practices are directly affected. In 2017, social media has become more important and useful for companies of every size and type. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest […]

You Need a Mobile Website, and Here’s Why

You’re currently losing business if your website is not optimized for mobile yet. Did you know that 60% of mobile users, worldwide, admit that they use their mobile devices as their main source of internet access? On top of that, over 50% of website traffic come from a mobile device. As you can see, if […]