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We have all heard that a picture is worth a thousand words, right?

But, did you know that a typical video is 30 pictures per second? That’s a lot of words…

We have over 25 years of experience creating high-quality commercials, presentations and sales videos that get results.

Our process starts by defining the ultimate goal you would like to achieve. It is important that we set clear objectives and a definition of what we will consider a success. This will inform all decisions moving forward.

Once the goal is defined, we work with you on market research. Understanding the intended audience and what influences their path to making a decision is a critical step.

Next, we move into defining the overall vision to achieve your goal for the video. This step will include scripting. Once the script is complete and we have right tone, we begin putting pictures to words.

Story-boarding allows us to create a visual representation of your video. We create rough simple sketches of each scene. This allows us to work through timing and serves as a road-map, ensuring the production phase stays focused on creating only necessary assets.

At this stage we will begin casting if necessary. Whether your project will include on screen talent or voice actors, it is critical to ensure that we choose the right talent to represent your company or product as your vision comes to life.

At this point in the production process your vision starts to come to life! All assets are produced. Videos are shot, voice-overs are recorded, music is produced, and animations are created. Our editors then begin bringing all of the elements together.

Once the final video is approved and ready for the big time, we launch to the channels we feel will reach the intended audience. Typically the videos will be played on your website, youtube, vimeo, instagram, facebook, and even at conferences, or trade-shows.

Our unique approach and expertise delivers videos and marketing with significant impact on our client’s business and ROI for their video budget.

Have an idea for a sales video produced for your product or company? Contact us now to tell us all about it!