Non-Profit Web Design Portfolio

Our 1 for 1 Non-Profit opportunity program has allowed us to showcase some amazing organizations in our local Antelope Valley and beyond. Throughout the years, AVWeb Designs has donated dozens of websites and support free of charge to Non-Profit organizations in efforts to help boost their message and help them receive extra support from the community in which they serve.

All Non-Profit Clients

  • Alpha Charter Guild
  • ASTED Corp
  • AV Best Start
  • AV Boys and Girls Club
  • AV Pledge
  • AV Vets Com. Action Coalition
  • Beers For The Brave
  • Be The Difference
  • Child Safety Network
  • Communities for Christ
  • Gracefest AV
  • Help For Heroes
  • High Fives for Stacey
  • Highlanders MM
  • Kids Charities AV
  • LASD Motorsports
  • ONELinc
  • Palmdale Sheriff Boosters
  • SAVE Foundation
  • Tattoos Cure Cancer
  • Thunder On The Lot
  • Todd Davis A+
  • Valley Oasis
  • West Valley Boys and Girls Club
  • Women of Worth

Antelope Valley Boys & Girls Club

For over 2000 children in the Antelope Valley, The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Antelope Valley have been havens of encouragement; places where kids can find support and resources to discover and achieve their full potential as individuals.

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Kid's Charities AV

The Kid's Charities (formerly known as the Kid's Charities of the Antelope Valley) main office is located in Lancaster, California, only 55 miles north of Los Angeles. The agency is known for serving over 25 local children’s charitable..

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OneLINC (Lead • Inspire • Connect) was created especially for the Antelope Valley to help individuals find volunteer opportunities and connect with community organizations.

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Thunder On The Lot

We built the site for one of the most highly anticipated events in the antelope valley every year- Thunder on The Lot!

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West Valley Boys & Girls Club

The Mission of the Boys & Girls Club of West Valley is to inspire and enable all young people, especially those from disadvantaged circumstances, to realize their full potential as productive, responsible, and caring citizens.

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Women of Worth

The Women of Worth (W.O.W.) Christian Retreat is produced by the Kid's Charities a 501c3 non-profit organization. Kid's Charities operates as an indirect service provider to more than 30 children's charities.

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