7 Things to Avoid When Blogging For Your Business

Content marketing is a huge part of the digital marketing world. Many businesses are starting to take on this task of content marketing in their own blogs.

Blogs can prove to be a beneficial tool in the digital marketing realm, but if you pull these seven rookie mistakes, you could look at losing potential clients/customers.

1. Too much rambling…

Writing unnecessarily long posts for your blog is a very common mistake to make, unless of course you have some “die-hard” fans who would read such a blog post from you.

Other than that, it’s important to keep your post short, sweet and informative. According to Hubspot, “500 words and you’ll be flying.”

2. Where are the images?!

Inserting an image or two will make your reader’s experience a lot more enjoyable. It could potentially hold their attention for a longer period of time, and even increase the chances of the reader becoming a good lead.

Images also add more value to the content you’re talking about as well, even if isn’t always essential to bring out the point of your blog.

3. Typos! Oh No!

Such a simple mistake, but it is often the most unforgiveable. The reason why this is so unforgiveable with new potential leads and customers is because it shows a lack of attention to detail, and who wants to hire a business that doesn’t scrutinize the content they create?

4. No CTA (Call to Action)

This tactic undermines any digital marketing tactic you might have had when it comes to the point of the readers reading your blog post.

Generally, you want your blog post to entice a reader to do something by using a call to action. Whether it’s an eBook you want them to download or buy… or even a newsletter to subscribe to – it’s important to have your visitors understand what they are supposed to do after reading your content.

5. Overall – Unprofessional Content

When you’re in charge of writing content, or blogs in this case, for your company, it’s important to maintain their standards and express their culture in your writing.

For instance, if your company is all about satire and humor, then go crazy writing content that will make people laugh. If that is not the case, then it is important to maintain a professional and serious tone in your writing as many potential customers are looking for a serious result to their current dilemma.

6. Transparent Attempts To Sell

Use this valuable time with your readers to educate them; allow them time to learn to trust you rather than overwhelming them with some sort of product or service offer every chance you get.

Nobody likes to be sold, especially through a blog that’s meant to be informative and helpful. Don’t underestimate your readers, as they are much smarter than you think and they will see the obvious signs.

7. Clickbait Titles

Clickbait titles can help you get a few extra clicks here and there, but overall, it’s not worth losing the respect from your customers, leads, or potential clients for using such titles.

Your goal should always be to build a respectable audience – not to get a few extra clicks to make your numbers look good.

As you can see, these seven tactics can be helpful, but not in the long run. Blogs are just one form of content marketing in your digital marketing tool belt – it’s important to learn all aspects of digital marketing to completely grow your brand.

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