5 MORE Questions You Should ALWAYS Ask Your Client Before Designing Their Website

We previously discussed that when you design a website for your client, you not only want them happy with the overall website, but you want them to see results from that website most importantly.

We went over five different questions that are extremely important for your to ask your client before getting to work on their website with them.

Today, we’re going over five other (or more) questions to be sure to ask your client when working on their new website.

1. What are some samples of websites you like? Why do you like them?

This is a great time to get to know the direction of style your client wants to go with their new website.

Even though you are the designer, there does need to be compromise when it comes to how the website will look – your client does want to be satisfied with this website for quite some time that’s for sure.

Also, this is just a great starting point for you so you know how to design the website – or get an overall style that works for both you and your client.

2. Who exactly are your customers?

When trying to figure out who your client’s target customer is, it’s important to ask a question along these lines (especially if they don’t know who their target customer is).

“If you could combine all your past customers together, what kind of person would he/she be like?”

This is important because you not only want to figure out the demographics, but the psychographics as well. You want to find out your customer’s pain, give them a promise, and provide them with the proof that this promise will be fulfilled in one way or another.

3. What are some features you’re looking to have on your website?

Depending on your client’s main and secondary goal (which we previous discussed on Tuesday, the 8th) – they will want certain key features to meet those goals. Here are some ideas of features that could potentially be added to your client’s new website:

  • Social Media Implementation
  • Email Lead Collection
  • Shopping Cart
  • A Blog
  • Photo Galleries/Video Galleries
  • Rotator Banners
  • Mobile Optimization (Highly Recommended for ANY Website)
  • Responsive Site (Highly Recommended for ANY Website)
  • Forms

These are just some examples of features that could be added on your client’s website. There are always more that they may recommend or ask as well.

4. Do you want to record your site’s results? If so, how?

You not only want a great-looking website, but a highly responsive one that is getting your client the success they’re looking for. That’s why they hired you after all.

You want to be able to record your client’s measured success one way or another, and be able to show them that proof as well.

Some examples of things you can record for your client (once again, depending on their main and secondary goals – this could always be altered to their liking):

  • How many new people signed up for their free trial?
  • How many forms were filled out by new potential customers?
  • Has the number of Facebook likes increased?
  • What’s the website’s blog activity look like?
  • How many sales did they get from the website?

These are just some small examples of things you can look for to measure your client’s overall success since the website went live. What do they want to see rise in numbers? Sales? Leads? Both, even?

5. Do you need help with branding and content? If not, can we have access to those existing elements?

When building a website, it’s important to have a strong color scheme, logo design, etc. If your client isn’t looking to have these things altered and already has these elements in their possession, then the rest shouldn’t be too hard to work with.

Once you see their style, or get a style that your client wants to work with – you can shape the website around it – completing the designing process.

We hope these five more questions really brought about some more insightful questions that you will start to ask your clients (if you haven’t been already).

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