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04/06/2017 -
3 Quick Todo List Tips
Today is Productivity Thursday again, and we have tips to help you keep your Todo list sorted by priority. Having a Todo list is an essential part of being efficient. The next step is to organize your Todo list so that you...  Read Full Article

04/03/2017 -
Redesigning Your Website Could Double Conversions
A website is much like a car in that it serves a particular purpose and needs maintenance to perform consistently.  When you buy a new car, the engine is quick, responsive, and produces healthy sounds. But after years...  Read Full Article

04/01/2017 -
How Choosing the right marketing strategy can make or break your business.
If you own or work for a small business, then you know how important it is to be economical. Saving money is key so that revenue can be reinvested into the company.  But sometimes saving money by trying to do things y...  Read Full Article

03/27/2017 -
Why Your Site Needs To Dominate Local Searches
The idea that a small business in a small community should rank highly in local searches is nothing new. But now more than ever, it is of extreme importance that small businesses focus on maintaining their local relevance. ...  Read Full Article

03/25/2017 -
What does your business marketing funnel look like?
If you answered, "What's a marketing funnel?", then this is the perfect opportunity for you to learn. A funnel is a concept that allows us to understand the logic of the marketing process. It can look differe...  Read Full Article

03/22/2017 -
How many ad networks does your business use for marketing?
Most people are familiar with Google and the advertisements they allow marketers and businesses to promote for a price. But did you know numerous other ad networks get varying levels of traction depending on the target aud...  Read Full Article

03/16/2017 -
Productivity Thursday: Focus
Hello, today is Productivity Thursday, and we would like to share an important insight on personal productivity. There are hundreds of thousands of apps and extensions for your phones and computers that are supposed to hel...  Read Full Article

03/11/2017 -
One Simple Way To Maximize Conversions
Designing a website to increase business is less of an art and more of a science. To maximize conversions, or important measured actions taken by a website visitor that lead them further into the sales funnel, is to focus ...  Read Full Article

03/06/2017 -
How many times has an email led you to make a purchase?
If you're like most people, then your answer is probably "many." Email marketing is an old, but powerful strategy that is used by most successful businesses. If you sell goods or services, then email marke...  Read Full Article

03/04/2017 -
Leveraging Instagram and Social Media
Did you know that over 50% of Instagram users follow at least one business? Why is that important information? It's important because if you are a business owner, then Instagram is a social media outlet in which you...  Read Full Article

03/02/2017 -
Productivity Thursday, Email Extensions
Hello, today is Productivity Thursday again, and we would like to share a quick tip to help make handling your email inbox an easy task! If you use Google Chrome as your primary browser, then you already know how helpful e...  Read Full Article

02/28/2017 -
Does Your Business Rank in Google Searches?
If you own a business and your information does not show up on the first search results page, then ask yourself why that is. Chances are, your website was not made with SEO in mind, or it is very old and needs a redesign t...  Read Full Article

02/26/2017 -
Video Marketing Takes Center Stage
We've all seen video ads on YouTube, and most of us skip them after the five-second time limit. We've also all seen the thirty-second video ads that cannot be skipped, and for the most part, patiently wait until it&...  Read Full Article

02/23/2017 -
3 Productivity Tips from Past Presidents
There are few people more qualified to teach lessons on productivity than former presidents of the United States. Because today is Productivity Tuesday, we are sharing our top three tips from the men who once held the high...  Read Full Article

02/21/2017 -
Why You Need To Measure Data
As a business owner, you know that profitable engagements with customers are the key to your success and growth.  But what if you don't know exactly how profitable a sale was? It starts with the website. You ne...  Read Full Article

02/19/2017 -
Making Videos Can Make You Money
Selling products and services to unconverted customers is already a daunting task, but one medium that helps turn prospects into paying clients is the video. Even a single video on a website that explains the goods or serv...  Read Full Article

02/17/2017 -
How to Become a Millionaire: Part 3
Today is Friday, and there is no better way to start the beginning of the weekend than with information that will help you improve your life. We will end our series with Part 3 today. If you missed Part 1 and or Part 2, cl...  Read Full Article

02/15/2017 -
How to Become a Millionaire: Part 2
Happy Wednesday and welcome to Part 2 of our series this week! If you missed the first part, click this link to read Part 1. If you're caught up with the list, then let's begin! 4. Don't show off -- show up ...  Read Full Article

02/13/2017 -
How to Become a Millionaire: Part 1
Welcome to Part 1 of our 3-Part series on the strategies you can use to become a millionaire.  Though the title of "Millionaire" might seem out of reach, it doesn't have to be. The methods we will discus...  Read Full Article

02/10/2017 -
How to Become a Millionaire
Becoming financially wealthy is something everyone can strive for regardless of your job and place in life. Though it can prove challenging at times, using these basic tactics can help you attain the fiscal security and...  Read Full Article

01/26/2017 -
How To Make The Most of your Commute
Today is Productivity Tuesday, and we at AV Web Designs would like to share tips on ways you can profit from your daily commute to work. If you commute by train, carpool as a passenger, or listen to smartphone apps while d...  Read Full Article

01/22/2017 -
What the End of FM Radio Means for your Business
Norway will be phasing out the FM radio in 2017. Scandinavian nations have been trendsetters in recent times, so it's likely that many other countries will soon adopt Norway's plan to replace old technology with ne...  Read Full Article

01/21/2017 -
How To Make Customers Happy
A happy customer is a loyal customer. If you know how to keep consumers satisfied with your goods or services, then they will help satisfy the financial goals you set for your company. Take a look at this graphic from H...  Read Full Article

01/20/2017 -
3 Secret Tips for Growing Your Business
You probably know every "secret" method on how to expand your business, but we guarantee you haven't heard these three. 1. Analyze your competition Few people can create a niche in the market, and once it...  Read Full Article

01/19/2017 -
How Humans Are Staying Relevant In Auto Manufacturing
Humans once powered the automobile manufacturing industry. Most advertisements that show the process of assembling a car no longer show real people doing the assembling. Instead, there are highly efficient, precise, automa...  Read Full Article

01/19/2017 -
4 Productive Things to do in your off-time
Downtime is meant to help you relax, manage stress, and prepare for the following day. But this free time doesn't have to be spent unprofitably. Today is Productivity Thursday, and we at AV Web Designs would like to sh...  Read Full Article

01/18/2017 -
The Smartphone is Already on its Way Out
We've seen powerful computing technology packed into compact devices like phones and watches, but soon physical gadgets may be relics of the past. Projection Engineering is preparing to take over the digital market in ...  Read Full Article

01/17/2017 -
How To Always Stay Productive
If you're own a business or work for one, chances are you use a multitude of productivity tools to do your job. Because so much work can be accessed across a variety of devices, you need to have tools that will be avai...  Read Full Article

01/16/2017 -
Why Your Business Needs a Strong Social Media Presence
If you are using the cold calling approach for new client prospecting, then you are restraining your business from achieving maximizing efficiency and sales.   As technology changes, business practices are directly aff...  Read Full Article

01/15/2017 -
Gain More Free Time By Choosing The Right Device
There is a direct correlation between time spent productively and time spent leisurely. The more productive you are, the more time you have to relax when your work is done.   If your job involves using a computer, then...  Read Full Article

01/14/2017 -
4 Costly Business Mistakes You Need to Avoid in 2017
2017 has just arrived, so it's time that you resolve to improve your business by avoiding these four costly errors.   1) Not properly planning Few successes come without preparation. For your business to thrive, y...  Read Full Article

01/13/2017 -
Are You Prepared for the Internet of Things?
Talking to your refrigerators, lamps, light switches, and laundry machines will soon become the norm. With the advent of Amazon Alexa, it's open source platforms, and thousands of developers creating new skills every day,...  Read Full Article

01/12/2017 -
Does Coffee Make You More Productive?
The debate regarding the benefits and drawbacks of drinking coffee has been around for quite some time. Whether or not coffee is healthy, we want to know if it makes us more productive at work.   We would like to share...  Read Full Article

01/11/2017 -
What You Should Know About Younger Generations
If you own a business or are going to start one in the future, you need to know about your customers.   It's 2017, and the era of the Millennial generation has begun. The more you know about this generation, the gr...  Read Full Article

01/11/2017 -
Imagine Language Translating Earbuds in 2017
Have you ever wanted to visit another country and immerse yourself in the culture? What about expanding your business reach to new frontiers that were inaccessible before?   The communication barrier may soon cease to ...  Read Full Article

01/10/2017 -
These 12 Secret Strategies Can Help You Manage Time Efficiently
The most successful people all share one ability in common; they know how to manage their time efficiently.   Time is money, and if you're wasting time, then you're losing money. The infographic we shared provi...  Read Full Article

01/09/2017 -
Imagine Language Translating Earbuds in 2017
Have you ever wanted to visit another country and immerse yourself in the culture? What about expanding your business reach to new frontiers that were inaccessible before?   The communication barrier may soon cease to ...  Read Full Article

01/09/2017 -
You Need a Mobile Website, and Here’s Why
You’re currently losing business if your website is not optimized for mobile yet. Did you know that 60% of mobile users, worldwide, admit that they use their mobile devices as their main source of internet access? On...  Read Full Article

01/05/2017 -
What To Expect in 2017 With Mobile Websites
Evidence shows that mobile websites are only going to continue to be the most important digital platform for any business to have a strong presence on in order to succeed. Search Engine Watch states that, “According ...  Read Full Article

01/03/2017 -
How Does Your 2017 Marketing Plan and Budget Look?
The New Year is finally here! That means it’s time to look at your business’ marketing plan and budget to make sure 2017 is your most successful year yet. According to this bar chart, marketing budgets have mos...  Read Full Article

12/27/2016 -
How to Break a Bad Habit These Six Ways
Some bad habits can be something so small from biting your fingernails to something as serious as overeating – both habits regardless are bad and can sometimes stop us from our full potential. Goalcast got together and...  Read Full Article

12/27/2016 -
“6 Ways Mindfullness Techniques Can Improve Your Life”
Mindfullness Techniques can vary in style from meditation, yoga, and breathing exercises among others. Although they vary in style – they’re similar in what they do for you when it comes to benefiting your mental...  Read Full Article

12/20/2016 -
7 Things to Avoid When Blogging For Your Business
Content marketing is a huge part of the digital marketing world. Many businesses are starting to take on this task of content marketing in their own blogs. Blogs can prove to be a beneficial tool in the digital marketing r...  Read Full Article

12/12/2016 -
Entrepreneur’s Share These 5 Traits
“If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.” – Isaac Newton Goalcast offers people inspiring quotes, stories, advice, and terrific motivation. According to their r...  Read Full Article

12/12/2016 -
8 Signs That It’s Time to Hire a Marketing Team
Are you currently running a business without any marketing help? Are you finding it overwhelming and difficult to attract customers and clients? Well then… I believe it’s time you start considering that...  Read Full Article

12/06/2016 -
“Millennial” and “Boomer” are Obsolete Labels Now and...
Often times you hear people calling certain generations by their by their names such as Boomer, Gen X, Gen Y (also known as Millennials), and Gen Z. According to Harvard Business Review (www.hbr.org), these names often...  Read Full Article

11/28/2016 -
Stress and Your Body
It’s no secret that everyone lives with some sort of stress in their day-to-day life. Whether it’s from your home life or your work life – stress can be present. According to Healthline.com, “stress...  Read Full Article

11/28/2016 -
Being Selfish in The Morning is a Good Thing, and Needed
What does your morning routine look like? If you don’t have a morning routine, then might we suggest you start one to fully achieve the success you’re looking for not only in the long run, but in your day-to-day...  Read Full Article

11/21/2016 -
3 Ways to Create Better Connections with People
If you’re looking to build your company and extend your professional growth – it’s critical to establish a wide network of peers, acquaintances, friends, and business relations. You never know where a...  Read Full Article

11/15/2016 -
4 Leadership Skills Everyone Needs
Not everyone is born a leader, but luckily anyone can learn how to be a leader. It requires a lot of practice to keep improving our leadership skills. Becoming a leader is not an easy goal to accomplish – it takes lots...  Read Full Article

11/10/2016 -
5 MORE Questions You Should ALWAYS Ask Your Client Before Designing Their...
We previously discussed that when you design a website for your client, you not only want them happy with the overall website, but you want them to see results from that website most importantly. We went over five differen...  Read Full Article

11/08/2016 -
5 Questions You Should ALWAYS Ask Your Client Before Designing Their Website
When you design a website for your client, you not only want them happy with the overall website, but you want them to see results from that website most importantly. That’s why these five questions are extremely imp...  Read Full Article

11/02/2016 -
5 Things to Expect with Social Media in 2017
Social Networking/Marketing Will Continue to Rise As time has shown in the last few years, networking via social media has proven to be very successful. This trend of success is expected to continue into 2017 with no signs...  Read Full Article

11/02/2016 -
5 Social Media and Online Marketing Trends in 2016
Cost of Advertising Rising As online marketing and social media make technological progress – competition has increased greatly. This makes it much more difficult to increase your business’ visibility online. T...  Read Full Article

10/27/2016 -
“Why My Optimized Landing Pages Trump Your SEO or PPC Landing Pages Every...
When people often discuss landing pages they discuss one of the two things: Landing Pages and Optimized Landing Pages. Rather than discussing these two things – they should be discussing only one. Landing pages shoul...  Read Full Article

10/24/2016 -
"Facebook Organic Reach is Dying: Here’s Why It’s a Good Thing...
Social media is a constantly changing – especially Facebook. Facebook’s main shift is less organic outreach while leaning more towards paid marketing. This is why many businesses on Facebook may notice the chan...  Read Full Article

06/03/2016 -
The Future of Instagram
In this day and age, it’s impossible for social media sites to be anything but a huge part of society and the forefront of how we receive information. The multiple platforms on which we receive this information is...  Read Full Article

05/13/2013 -
5 Easy Ways to Know If You Need A Website Redesign
1. Your website is no longer ‘doing anything’ for you or your business At the end of the day, your website is supposed to be your business’ leading edge – available 24/7 365 days a year! Technol...  Read Full Article

02/11/2013 -
Social Spotlight: Thunder On The Lot
This past weekend, one of Southern California’s largest classic car and motorcycle events, Thunder on the Lot, returned to the AV Fairgrounds for their 18th annual event. Our team of social media experts sent out...  Read Full Article

01/18/2013 -
Word of The Week: Conversion
Conversion is the percentage of Web site visitors who complete a desired action (conversion). For example, if 100 visitors come to your home business Web site on a given day, and during that day 6 purchases were made, your...  Read Full Article

12/15/2012 -
Q & A: Is Video Right For My Website?
Q: Is Video Right For MY Website? ...  Read Full Article

12/08/2012 -
Top Five Things You Need on Your Homepage
1. Make It Easy For People This first tip is pretty simple. As the saying goes, the simplest ideas are often the best. Rather than increase the number of visitors to your website, you should work to get a higher percentage of...  Read Full Article

11/28/2012 -
Why You Need A Mobile Site Now
It’s hard to believe that in only five years’ time since the introduction of the first iPhone, the number of smart phone users has skyrocketed to an astounding 50% of the population. So hard to believe for some in...  Read Full Article

11/08/2012 -
Q&A: Should I Blog?
Q: Should I Blog? ...  Read Full Article

08/30/2012 -
Clear Channel Hoop World
The first annual Hoop World held by Clear Channel and Infiniti Sports & Entertainment was a big hit this year. On July 26th and 27th the JetHawks stadium was transformed into a free for all basketball tournament with over...  Read Full Article

08/13/2012 -
Horizon Interactive Award Winners
RPHHonda.com recognized for prestigious interactive media award. AV Web Designs Wins Bronze at the 6th Annual Horizon Interactive Awards Competition Indianapolis, IN USA - The Horizon Interactive Awards, a leading internati...  Read Full Article