“Why My Optimized Landing Pages Trump Your SEO or PPC Landing Pages Every Time!”

When people often discuss landing pages they discuss one of the two things: Landing Pages and Optimized Landing Pages.

Rather than discussing these two things – they should be discussing only one. Landing pages should ALWAYS be optimized and have an overall a solid presentation when trying to hook a new potential client to your business.

Let’s discuss some key factors that make an optimized landing page:

  1. A well-written description is very important, and many do not think about this surprisingly enough. This is often the place where you want to write a very strong “call-to-action” for your visitors to ultimately click into your site.
  2. Good content hierarchy is key to keeping your visitors engaged. Not all the information you have to offer will be needed for every single visitor – so, having your information in an easy-to-access fashion will keep users interested.
  3. Social Media Options are a great way to not only engage your visitors, but also an even better way for them to easily share your optimized landing page with their friends and family on various social media platforms, such as: Facebook, Twitter, and many others.
  4. Testing for Optimization is crucial to ultimately having a successfully optimized landing page. It usually takes a lot of going through the page for you to figure out what works, what doesn’t work, and what needs to be fixed in general. This isn’t just important for a landing page, but for any website really.

Full article, courtesy of Search Engine Land: http://searchengineland.com/why-my-optimized-landing-pages-trump-your-seo-and-ppc-landing-pages-everytime-167430

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