The Future of Instagram

In this day and age, it’s impossible for social media sites to be anything but a huge part of society and the forefront of how we receive information. The multiple platforms on which we receive this information is constantly evolving in order to better serve the general public as well as businesses.

Instagram for example, is taking some cues from Facebook and starting to appeal to businesses looking to promote their product via likeable ads that are included in the stream of photos a user sees. If an ad post does well, businesses will be able to pay to promote it and gather more likes.

Before this new feature, businesses would only be able to spend money on separate posts that weren’t even part of their profile. Now they can regularly promote posts on Instagram as well as Facebook.

In addition to the boosted posts feature, businesses will have a profile to themselves that will include a contact button for customers to call or email them with ease. These new accounts will also allow businesses to view their analytics, which is crucial for determining what people find positive about the business and its social media activity.

It seems that social media is evolving to be much more than just an online platform for sharing your life.