Clear Channel Hoop World

The first annual L.A. Hoop World Tournament held by Clear Channel and Infiniti Sports & Entertainment was a big hit this year. On July 26th and 27th the JetHawks stadium was transformed into a free for all basketball tournament with over 20 courts. Here at AVWeb Designs we continued our community involvement by sponsoring 2 exceptional teams, the X-Men and Air Force. There were many great teams sponsored by a variety of local companies such as CPR Carpet & Upholstery, Iron Roots and Remax AllPro.

Our custom team uniforms were designed and manufactured by Block Alternatives. We are extremely pleased with the uniforms and more then a few spectators commented that our team was one of the best looking out here.

3 on 3 Tournament AVWeb Designs X-Men took 3rd place in the 3 on 3 tournament.

4 on 4 Tournament AVWeb Designs Air Force took 4th place in the 4 on 4 tournament.

Our cameramen filmed 2 days and got over 4 hours of video footage. We are currently in the production phase of our second company DVD, so watch for the highlight footage in the community involvement section.