Happy Wednesday and welcome to Part 2 of our series this week! If you missed the first part, click this link to read Part 1.

If you're caught up with the list, then let's begin!

4. Don't show off -- show up
This strategy is important because many people seem to ignore this one in particular. This relates to buying high-priced items on a low-end budget. 

If you're making a decent paycheck, don't spend it on vanities like new jewelry, cars you can't quite afford, and objects that will probably become clutter instead of proving useful.

Secure yourself financially and have multiple streams of income flowing into your bank account before you indulge in the finer things in life. Focus on hard work now so that you can enjoy luxury and leisure in the future.

5. Change your mindset about money
This is also an important strategy, but seems to be unknown to most people who aren't already millionaires.

Attitude is everything and any successful person will tell you that the way you perceive anything in life, can have either beneficial or detrimental effects on your interactions with such.

If you look at money as something you will never attain, then you won't know how to attain it. But if you see money as a resource available to be earned, you will find ways to earn it.

6. Invest in yourself
This is the most important investment you can make. Investing in improving yourself and learning new skills will provide you the tools and insights you need to become a millionaire.

Instead of spending your free time watching television or playing video games, try reading an informational book or listening to an educational podcast. 

Seek mentorship from those you deem successful and learn from them everything you can. Knowledge is the single greatest asset in your quest to become wealthy.

We hope Part 2 was informative. We feel that these three tactics are the lesser known methods that ought to be used when wanting to become a millionaire.

We'll return on Friday to close out the series with the third and final part, so mark it on your calendar!